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Chief Troublemaker

Mandy Zelinka is CEO of The Zelinka Agency + the Director of Operations for Sweet Living Real Estate // Keller Williams Seattle.

She is also the former Digital Marketing Manager for Global hair product company KEVIN.MURPHY and founded 77, one of the largest award-winning salons in Portland, Oregon.

But she's best known for tobogganing down the Great Wall of China (just like 'Bey) as a United States Diplomat and First Lady of a City (just like M.O.)



The Zelinka Agency

"You won't be disappointed. Mandy is the cool kid and the "nerd" wrapped in one. She's brilliant, witty and trips out on metrics to move the needle forward in business. The best part is that she understands marketing and people and that's vital if you want to grow."

Ben Brown

"You are the best. Brilliant, out of the box and SO fun. I adore you and what you’re doing and feel like I just lucked out by finding your course! 😍❤️🍸"

Tracy Otsuka
Creator of Coretography

"I have taken a variety of online courses. Mandy Zelinka has a way of pulling out what is unique in who you are and what your brand is. She is very encouraging and really shows up to help and getting you going. Filled with humor and sass, she makes the online work fun. I highly recommend her work!"

Perry Janssen

"I love, love your course and spunky voice in social media, always have. You're a total rockstar!!"

Camille Boushey
Writer, Camille Du Jour

"Mandy’s program came to me at a time in my career that I needed it most. I have been working in my industry for closing in on 20 years. I knew I needed to adapt and learn new skills but I had no idea where to even start. The courses are easy to follow, very informative and interesting! There is also a culture of collaboration and mutual learning that I love, after all, social media and marketing is an ever-changing animal. Mandy will help you identify your brand, set goals and give you a clear roadmap of the steps necessary to move forward both in the short and long term. I highly recommend these courses for anyone who wants to build their brand, stand out in your industry and increase business."

Robin Meredith
Salon Owner + Stylist

"Mandy has a way with delivering her message that really resonates with me! Her content is thorough and with an insight different from all that is out there! Sign up and follow her!!!"

Sandra Scaiano
Digital Nomad


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