Choose Your Partner Wisely in Business and in Bed

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"As for finding a guy who will support you on your #GIRLBOSS quest, I've accidentally dated variations of boneheads, such as the guy who appears secure and confident at the beginning of our relationship, but ends up being completely threatened by and uncomfortable with my personality, career, and how flirty or open my persona is. Another guy blatantly ignored what I do. He took no interest in it at all. I can only date a man I respect, am fascinated by, and consider interesting. If he can't do the same for me we have a problem." -Girlboss


In my younger years, I told myself it did not, or should not, matter what kind of money my partner made.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

Turns out when you date someone who takes life seriously (like you do) they tend to care about things like their finances.

And when you date someone like this you then give yourself a raise. Because the more money your partner makes, the more money that comes into your household, and the more fun things you get to do.

Money, when used correctly, can buy happiness. Don't fool yourself. I'm real happy about paying my bills on time and going on vacations.

When you date someone who takes life seriously (like you do) you argue less. Because you both have likeminded goals - like, to succeed in life. You both realize that it's essential to invest portions of your income and to save for retirement. 

Pensions, stocks, and 401k's are mighty sexy. You know what's even sexier? Not fighting over money. And even sexier than that? Having sex in exotic locations because you can afford to go.

Now excuse me while I go pack for my next trip.


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Mandy Zelinka is the former Digital Marketing Manager for KEVIN.MURPHY International and owned one of the largest award-winning salons in Portland, Oregon. She was also Voted Best Hairstylist in Portland in 2016 by The Portland Fashion + Style Awards. 


But she’s best known for tobogganing down the Great Wall of China as a United States Diplomat and First Lady of a City. 

Mandy Zelinka