What are you willing to sacrifice to fulfill your dreams?


When I was in my early twenties my finances were a mess. On the other hand, my work ethic was, and still is, epic. I hustled three jobs while building my clientele working behind the chair. It wasn't perfect - I often lacked proper sleep and showed up late to one of the workplaces on any given day. I wouldn't recommend it. 

It did, however, offer me enough income to buy a home, I would just need to get that elusive debt to income ratio under control.

I stayed in for a year. I didn't go out.  I drank a gallon of wine every time I sat down to pay my bills, sad that I couldn't go out yet drunkenly cheering myself on as I slowly paid my credit card debts down and eventually closed them, never to reopen them again. I purchased my first home at 25 and my second at 27.

But these sort of adjustments are easier when you are younger (or are they?) Maybe they just seem so because most of your peers are just as broke as you are. How do you explain your behavior as you get older, and you want to sacrifice things others aren't willing to? 

As you sit in your goal centered isolation you start to realize that maybe you aren't like everybody else. And although lonely, maybe it's okay. The feeling of isolation is only temporary, and taking the safe route probably isn't the best route. And by now you are wise enough to know that long-term success is worth short-term discomfort. Once you get to where you've been heading none of that nonsense will matter to you anymore anyhow.

What do you need to sacrifice to get to where you are going?

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Mandy Zelinka is the former Digital Marketing Manager for KEVIN.MURPHY International and owned one of the largest award-winning salons in Portland, Oregon. She was also Voted Best Hairstylist in Portland in 2016 by The Portland Fashion + Style Awards. 

But she’s best known for tobogganing down the Great Wall of China as a United States Diplomat and First Lady of a City.

Mandy Zelinka