The Side Affects of Being an Ambitious Girl


"Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning." -Gloria Steinem

"Mandy. You are so crazy."

If I had a nickel.... 🙄

It gets old after awhile. Then you start asking yourself if maybe you are a bit crazy. I didn't want to make babies like everyone else, so naturally, there was something wrong with me. As an adult, I owned a home and filled it with all the requisite things, and dogs, and people like everyone is "supposed" to do, and THAT started making me legitimately crazy so I got rid of everything. I bussed and biked to work sans car, and even in a bike riding capital city like Portland, Oregon, people thought that was crazy. Every dude I dated or slept with thought I was crazy. I started dating someone who was healthy for me, and that apparently made me "crazy" because, shit I don't even know.

So what is/was with all this crazy nonsense? Let's investigate.

My first boyfriend broke up with me because I was too ambitious. (In his defense we were like 16 and I worked every weekend, during the week, played three sports, and did enough homework to maintain between a 3.3-3.5 GPA. That's kind of time-consuming at that age and according to my stepson who is just a wee bit older than that, boys that age have 'needs.')

My first husband told me to just go get a 'real' job. (I ignored him, followed my passion, I became successful, he did not. He still is not. The end.)

I hadn't had enough so I went in for more. My second husband, well, the more successful I became the riskier his cheating became. (This fool was never successful. I should have known better. PSA: Kids. DON'T MARRY YOUR REBOUND. That guy can go fuck himself. Obviously.)

That's when I kinda understandably lost it and got rid of him and nearly everything I owned. Even my beloved cat ran away.

I know, crazy huh?

Alright - maybe 'they' have a point. Because fighting tooth and nail to achieve success and happiness is fucking insanity. Do you know how much work it is? How much shit you have to go through? HOW MANY WRONG MEN YOU HAVE TO MARRY TO FIND THE RIGHT ONE?  SO. MANY. Most people would have given up long ago - and they did. On me, on my crazy work ethic, on my lofty dreams. Well, you know what a goal is? A dream you put a time stamp on and damn if I don't love me some goals.

Life is a sport, choose your team wisely.

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Mandy Zelinka is the former Digital Marketing Manager for KEVIN.MURPHY International and owned one of the largest award-winning salons in Portland, Oregon. She was also Voted Best Hairstylist in Portland in 2016 by The Portland Fashion + Style Awards. 

But she’s best known for tobogganing down the Great Wall of China as a United States Diplomat and First Lady of a City.

Mandy Zelinka