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Personal Brands Convert Better Than Company Brands: Why You Can no Longer Deny the Power of Your PERSONAL BRAND in 2019

i'm happy you're here! Nov 25, 2018



When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is the best performing channel for social action, with an average 3.21% engagement rate (compared to 1.5% across all social networks). People trust people. People buy from those that resonate with them.


Five Essential Influencer Marketing Elements

(for influencers, wanna-be influencers, and those of you that are curious..)

Every day 200 million Instagram users visit an IG business profile. Two-thirds of those visitors DO NOT also follow the business on IG.

Your Instagram profile is quickly becoming the new home page and there’s data to back it up. So even though people spend more time in stories now than they do in your feed, your FEED is the first thing people see. Make it good!



Each element of your Instagram profile should feel intentional. 

 Your Instagram profile has quickly become the new homepage, so having a good Instagram bio is more important than ever to help you attract new followers.

Together, these pieces tell the story of your brand as a whole:

Your Profile Photo

Your Bio

Your Visual Content 

Your Captions

Your Hashtags


Somebody noticed you on their feed. Or maybe they found you through a hashtag. The first thing they are going to do is head to your profile and read your bio. Is it compelling enough for them to want to learn more, or did you lose their attention?

Or maybe they like your bio and they are on the fence about clicking. How can you be clever with your call-to-action or URL? Show them you pay attention to detail and WOW them with a complete Instagram Bio that Converts.

Your bio is a 250 character first impression. Make it good!


1. Identify your goal. (Which is also your call-to-action)

(Is it to head to a landing page download? Is it to join your Facebook community? Sign-up for a newsletter, etc.)

2. Clearly explain what you do.

3. Identify what makes you, your organization, or your idea, unique.

4. Engage with a question or obvious call-to-action.

5. Only use branded hashtags in bio.

Your @ (name) should be recognizable

PRO TIP: Use keywords in the bold black username 

Don't be afraid to be a bit clever here, Instagram revels in the cheeky. Instagram is supposed to be fun! 

PRO TIP: Use an unexpected bitly to get more clicks.

OR change up your bio as you seem fit. Maybe you change it monthly to go with a new program or incentive?

PRO TIP: No matter what you do, always lead with your Unique Point of View. That is what helps you stand out from the competition. You can do this through words AND photos.




A smaller more engaged audience is more powerful than a big less engaged one





Instagram Hacked- 236k+ Account Vanished <--This could happen to you.

Convert those Instagram fans into either paying clients and fans or at least get them on your email list in case the spammers get you!






When you are an influencer your product is your audience. 

If you were an Air B&B would you get five stars? 



Why you? 




Do a quick diagnostic on your PERSON BRAND by:

CLARIFY YOUR MESSAGE: People aren't looking for a hero, they're looking for a guide.

POSITIONING: What does your customer want? Define it. Be specific.

CREATE DESIRE: Never stop talking about their problems.

Give them an easy plan to diminish their risk. (THIS is where you convert.) An easy step-by-step plan to move forward. 

CALL-TO-ACTION People don't take action unless challenged to. Make your CTA clear.

What will your life look like if you do business with us?


Stories save mental calories. A story is a sense-making device. 





         WHO you are talking to

         HOW you are talking to them



     Did you lead people to where you wanted them to go?

     Did you convert them? Did they sign-up? Download your stuff? Book?



     Were they good enough to cause an action?

     Did your market research prove to be correct? Did you give people what they wanted?


How can you better optimize to collect emails?


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XO, MZ 💋


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