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A few years ago I found myself in a Digital Marketing class in Seattle Washington, a city that is home to two of the wealthiest men in America who also happen to be in tech (Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates of Microsoft). Looking to be challenged, I signed up to learn to code from two adorable young men - one who had worked directly under Tim Cook at Apple. The other worked for Mister Bezos.


I cried through the entire course. Like, ugly cried. 


Grabbing coffee before class meant finding myself in packed Starbucks navigating a sea of lanyard-donning Amazon tech geeks with backpacks. 


Talk about intimidating.  


In true Mandy fashion, I was the one that showed up to our last class with a bottle of tequila in hand to share with my classmates in celebration when two months of tear-stained coding torture finally came to an end. 


But right before we could break out George Clooney's spirits, we all would have to get up in front of...

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