Become the CEO of your Personal Brand with The Zelinka Agency.
Build your Brand with the Referral Marketing Master Course, then grow + scale it with CEO School.


Your customers are constantly evolving.

Are you? 

Do you feel overwhelmed? Is it hard for you to think strategically about your business because of it?

In our community, we are unapologetically strategic about our businesses and how to scale them. A strategy is the key to avoid overwhelm, and we have the Roadmap for you.


When I went to move my business online full-time I had to wade through a ton of online crap to navigate where I was going. What that taught me was that 

1) Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting if

2) You don't have a good supportive community behind you and

3) Every stage of your business will require a different version of you.


To not only survive but thrive in this online playing field you are going to have to do better. You are going to have to be malleable and you are going to need to constantly evaluate and pivot. CEO School is for you if you want to do things right online but aren't sure what the best ways are. We will go over:


How to know when you are ready for a VA so that you can scale

Advanced Instagram Strategy

Why you will not survive without a Personal Brand

How to Sustainably Scale and Monetize your Personal Brand or Online Business

Influencer Marketing

+ How to Stand out in an Overcrowded Marketplace

We'll teach you how to become the Digital Marketing Manager of your Business so you can go on vacation for six weeks should you so choose. (Maybe a vacation isn't what you seek. Maybe you need six weeks to work on a big project and need some flexibility in your schedule. We'll show you how to do that.)

You'll also get our PR, Publicity, Digital Influencer Marketing course modules.



So Mandy, who is CEO School for?

glad you asked! It's for

Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Wannabe's 

Creative Entrepreneurs

Regular old Entrepreneurs

Anyone needing or wanting to create and monetize their Personal Brand

And it's also great for service providers trying to build a clientele for themselves!



Come join us. It'll be fun.  



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